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Testing is the  number of steps necessary to minimize possible software bugs and errors. All the issues and the negative experience a user has to face lead to the reduction in conversions and financial losses. 

We do manual and automated testing (back-end, front-end) of mobile and desktop applications and web services. In our work we value attention, responsibility and speed. If this is the first time you want to work with us - we are ready to test and check your project for free. You can see the result to make the final decision.   

Technical support is an additional service of our company. We consider it possible to combine technical support and testing in a small company, where technical support takes about 1-3 hours a day. In case of direct access to QA in support - the concept of the “dead” phone disappears, there is an opportunity to quickly understand the issue, note it and fix it.


We guarantee

  • Punctuality and attention
  • Professionalism and fulfilling obligations
  • Open and honest work, result orientation and responsibility
  • Teamwork and diving into the project

Our specialists work hard to ensure that the applications and services of our clients work correctly and without failures.


  • +100

    carried out projects, we work with NDA.



Get the whole picture of your project's status thanks to testing and tech support by Devquality.

Don't worry that we work remotely. Our payment system motivates to turn off youtube, makes it possible to earn money, providing a visible result in return. Each QA works on an equal footing with your full-time employees. We mean Friday and night releases, weekend hotfixes and complete immersion in the project. We understand that not every company has the experience of remote cooperation and we do our best to make it comfortable to introduce an employee to the project.

Functional Manual Testing

Suitable for flexible projects with frequently changing functionality. We can conduct it in the context closest to the actual use or check individual modules of the project, pay special attention to the client part (front-end) or hardware-software (back-end), conduct stress testing, check layout.

Automated Testing

We will automate the processes you need, thereby optimizing the team’s work on the project. The tester will be able to devote less time to routine cases, diving deeper into the project itself and searching for the most critical bugs.

Advantages of testing automatization:

  • Repeatability and speed
  • Continuity of testing, the ability to run at any time
  • Fast execution and results
  • After setting up and covering cases - high-quality testing with less staff effort, the ability to switch testers to other tasks
  • The ability to run on hundreds of devices. Testing the application or infrastructure limit capabilities
Functional Testing
Automated Testing

Our advantages

  • We are cooperative. We are open to suggestions and discussion of the hourly rate, fixed price or part time.

  • We quickly introduce the employee to the project: from a few hours to 1-2 days.

  • Downtime is not paid - instead, the actual hours spent by the tester are paid.

  • Reputation matters. We are interested in fulfilling obligations and a good result.

Special conditions for non-profit, student and school projects, startups without investment

Our team

  • Mikhail

    Middle QA

  • Egor

    Middle QA

  • Daniil

    Automation QA Engineer

  • Maksim

    Middle QA

  • Aleksandr

    Middle QA

  • Konstantin

    QA Manager

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Customers are very satisfied with our work
Grabr Inc – Affordable shopping all over the world.
For more than 3 years we have been trusting testing of the back end-, android-, web-, ios-versions of our Grabr.io service to Devquality.ru specialists and making our cooperation open and honest. We do not distinguish between office and remote work since we are interested in creating the best team and first of all we look at the result. Our cooperation is not like traditional outsourcing of testing, I would say that testers are more like our employees than Devquality employees, they are so immersed in the project and root for it. Artem, founder of the Grabr service.
ViaMobi – Mobile services.
Starting work directly with Konstantin, we developed our cooperation and now, after about 5 years, it has grown into teamwork with Devquality. The guys are engaged in testing and technical support of a number of our projects. This solution is optimal because of numerous factors, the main of which is that testers directly receive feedback, respond quickly and we fix everything straightaway. Our cooperation resulted in the increased projects quality, a huge number of our users are happy with the result and we agree with them. Sergey, director of ViaMobi.
Burns Offroad – Off-road navigation.
We have been working together for more than half a year. We started with manual testing, but when we needed an automation tool, we brought it to the project in a matter of days. Several Devquality.ru employees deal only with our projects, they are available and integrated in them in the same way as our colleagues in the office. Highly recommended. Aleksander, founder of BurnsOffroad.
Trucker Group – Transportation of goods at the most affordable price.
The tester from Devquality replaced another remote tester, the guys proved that a good result and effective work can be done not only in the office. Eugene, IT Director.
RockyFinance – accountant in two clicks.
Testing was involved at the alpha version stage of the project and then went along the path to release in the AppStore and support for the service. Six months after the release of about 3000 of our active users, only 1 person wrote about a functional bug that really existed and which we fixed. We are a startup, it is important for us to save our money. With Devquality, testing is still effective, but much cheaper. Konstantin, co-founder of the service.
Looksharp - movies and ratings.
Our startup really needed testing, but it was not possible to keep a full-time staff member. The guys from Devquality took over the quality control and offered the best conditions. We are still working together, the result is highly satisfying.
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